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About The Game

Solitaire can be the best time killer.

If you are at the office and are done working, one can play solitaire until you are ready to leave the office. If at home, with friends, this game can offer hours and hours of entertainment. Unlike a lot of games that become mundane, this game has varying difficulty levels and modes. For example, there is the Mahjong Solitaire and Free Cell Solitaire. Those are only some examples of the solitaire games. There are varying degrees of difficulty with those mentioned and the Solitaire games that are not.

Solitaire can make you smarter.

Playing this game requires strategy. Learning to strategize is a skill that can be applied to innumerable other areas in life; thus increasing your IQ. No matter whom the person is white, black, young or old, this game will teach you to think two or three moves ahead. The more you play, the better you get at strategy. The better your strategy gets the more games you will win. Solitaire is not the game of chance most think it is. It is more a game that involves thinking.

Tips and Tricks to playing and winning Solitaire.

The following tricks apply to Free Cell Solitaire.

1. Think ahead. Try and see where all the cards are and what will happen immediately after your next move.

2. Play a few moves then think again about what is going to happen after your next set of moves.

3. You’re going to need space to place your other cards. It's a good idea to make room for those cards.

4. If you have an empty column, as much as possible start that column with a king.

5. Free up your aces as soon as you can. Keep track of the 2’s and 3’s.

6. The obvious choices are not always the best ones. Keep that in mind.

7. Giving yourself more options during the game will happen if you keep the free cells empty.

The above mentioned advice may not apply to every move in the other versions of the solitaire games. However, the general idea remains the same. If you learn to think about the consequences of your moves, two or three moves ahead, you will find winning is more of a habit than chance.

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Play Solitaire For F…

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Solitaire Oldschool

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Wild West Solitaire

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